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We are conceited of the SEO work we have achieved for our reputed clients and the worth created. Here is several SEO case studies offered to help reveal the value of a lucratively developed SEO marketing campaign.



Track and Locate is in the business of assisting organizations improve their overall Online business. 295% increase in sales within three months track and locate sees immediate benefits from search engine optimisation services.


Challenges: Being in a competitive industry, Our Client was achieve top ranking in major Search Engines.


Solution: Our team did competitors web site's study and work out search engine optimisation and placement approach to complete top ranking for the web site. A link building campaign was initiated to get rankings on highly competitive keywords. This gradually improved the site's ranking for the keywords over time.


After three months of working on the Track and Locate they got better results & achievements :


  • Achieved a 36% increase in monthly web traffic from natural search
  • Improved the number of tracking business from natural search traffic by 177%
  • Increased the sales value of natural search transactions by 190%
  • Secured page one rankings for a set of core keywords
  • Achieved a 395% increase in sales from natural search keyword 'mobile phone tracking


Keywords Ranking Position in Google

  • #1 - Man Down Solution
  • #1 - Man Down Solutions
  • #1 - Man Down System
  • #1 - Man Down Systems
  • #1 - Mobile Phone Tracker
  • #1 - Mobile Phone Tracking
  • #1 - Mobile Phone Tracking Solution
  • #1 - Mobile Phone Tracking Solutions
  • #1 - Mobile Phone Tracking System
  • #1 - SOS Tracking
  • #1 - SOS Tracking Solution
  • #1 - Vehicle Tracking Solution
  • #1 - Vehicle Tracking Solutions
  • #1 - GPS Mobile Phone Tracker
  • #1 - GPS Mobile Phone Tracking
  • #1 - GPS Mobile Phone Tracking
  • #3 - Fleet Tracking Solutions
  • #5 - Fleet Tracking Application
  • #5 - GPS Tracking Solutions



Client: BARNS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is the leading retailer of all types of computer hardware, software and many other ancillary products. It sells the products of all the well known major global brands of computers online as well, through its website


The Challenge: Though the company was doing good business through their storefront in New South Wales, the online sales and queries were not being generated sufficiently. Since the company was dealing in a number of computer related products and components, the site had to naturally feature these. But, it was not well balanced leaving the visitors confused and turning them away. This was putting them on back foot vis-a-vis their competitors and there was a looming danger of missing the yearly sales target. Their online promotion efforts were required to be pushed ahead resulting in turning the visitors into clients.The Solution:


  1. Website Redesign:
    1. More categories were added and more logical categorisation of content was done.
    2. More categories were added and more logical categorisation of content was done.
    3. Link building within the site was undertaken afresh to facilitate easy hopping around the site.

  2. SEO services:
    1. More weight was given to understand why were competitors scoring ahead of them? Thorough competitor analysis was done and promotional keywords were identified.
    2. All pages of the site were first optimised using the keywords appropriate for that page.
    3. All the relevant directories at state, national and global level which were indexed highly by the search engines were chosen for directory submission of the links.
    4. Articles, press releases were also written for submission to the respective sites linking back to their site.
    5. Tracking code was installed on each page of website to know how many visitors from which all parts of Australia were coming on the site using which keywords.
    6. Conversion tracking was also put in place to know how many of the online visitors were actually converted into clients.


Keywords Ranking Position in Google

  • #2 - Online Laptop Parts
  • #3 - Laptop Computer Parts
  • #3 - Computer Components Store
  • #3 - Laptop Parts
  • #5 - Computer Parts Store
  • #8 - Cheap Computer Parts
  • #9 - Cheap Computer Parts Online

The Result: The number of online visitors increased and even the conversion rates improved significantly. Within a few months time, they were able to make good on the lost initiative and are well on course to achieving their yearly targets.



The Client: Stella Promotions is engaged in the business of selling of promotional products in Australia. With sourcing from reliable suppliers which offer quality products at very competitive prices, the site aims to deliver durable and customizable products to the small and big businesses that can be used to further enhance their brand identity.


The Challenge: Since the company is into the niche segment of promotional products, it required a targeted SEO service aimed at converting the visitors into the actual buyers. And, since the business is meant for Australia, it required internet marketing at the national level with special focus on main metropolitan centres like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and others.


The Strategy: The first important step was to identify the product which was their USP and, at the same time, could also be used for doing the SEO effectively. A complete website analysis lowered our search to eight such keywords which had the potential to be used effectively for niche SEO purposes.


The off-page optimisation was undertaken to build quality in-bound links and inform the visitors about the main products and their features. Here is a list of activities undertaken in this regard :

  • Localised Directory Submissions focussing mainly in Australia
  • Writing articles on some products-related keywords and submitting them to the articles site
  • Press Releases were written and published through the PR submission sites informing about the launch of new products.
  • Social bookmarking


Besides, some necessary on-page optimisation efforts for content optimisation were also done :

  • Changes in the source code.
  • Using primary keywords on the home (landing) page and others in the rest of web site.

The Results: With sufficient link building the site ranking improved considerably. The main benefit was derived from the niche segment in which the company operated since it made SEO less cumbersome. The number of visitors improved considerably and the business also started registering increase in revenues.


Keywords Ranking Position in Google

  • #1 - Stubby Holders Products
  • #1 - Drink Bottle Melbourne
  • #3 - Custom Drink Bottle
  • #4 - Stubby Holder
  • #4 - Stubby Holders
  • #4 - Personalised Stubby Holders
  • #4 - Custom Drink Bottles
  • #4 - Drink Bottles Australia
  • #5 - Stubby Cooler
  • #5 - Stubbie Holders
  • #5 - Printed Drink Bottles
  • #6 - Stubby Coolers
  • #6 - Stubbie Holder
  • #6 - Promotional Drink Bottles
  • #6 - Promotional Water Bottles
  • #6 - Promotional Stubby Holders
  • #7 - Stubby Holders Sydney



The Client: Ozdigitising is an Australian company providing the online embroidery design digitization service to the ad speciality industry for the last 5 years. Capable of doing computerised embroidery using the various file formats, the company can embroider just about any design that you supply.


The Problem: Though the company was offering unmatched quality at competitive prices, it was the competitors who were able to take advantage of the internet based clients or buyers. Despite a good website design, it was not able to market itself appropriately, projecting its key strengths. The company wanted to use search engine optimisation services to outdo the competitors.


The Solution: The following SEO activities were undertaken on priority basis:

  • Keyword analysis for outdoing competition.
  • Social bookmarking and Web 2.0 medium were used for getting targeted clientele. This was thought to be suited well for the type of business the company was into. The benefits of online communities could be exploited for getting more business.
  • Articles and Press Releases formed another important tool of external linking to the site. This had the potential to harness the vast number of internet visitors.
  • Directory submissions were done on hundreds of sites since the same routes were also being exploited by the competitors.
  • Blogging: The content optimised blog posts were also written.
  • The short and long descriptions of the company were also written with important keywords being inserted.
  • The landing page was redesigned to make the same more attractive changes, build suitable links to the whole of site and provide optimised web content.
  • The SEO activities were done on a daily basis, without fail, for a month or so to improve the ranking.

The Results: The improvements were noticed in the search engine result pages ranks across the different search engines like Google, Yahoo and AltaVista within one month. The number of queries received from Australians increased substantially.


Keywords Ranking Position in Google

  • #1 - Embroidery Digitizing Services
  • #1 - Outsource Embroidery Digitizing
  • #1 - Outsource Embroidery Services
  • #1 - Online Embroidery Service
  • #1 - Digitizing Services Sydney
  • #1 - Digitizing Services Melbourne
  • #1 - Digitizing Services
  • #5 - Embroidery Digitizing
  • #5 - Embroidery Design Sydney
  • #5 - Embroidery Design Melbourne
  • #5 - Embroidery Services Sydney
  • #5 - Embroidery Services Melbourne

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