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Marketing is costly…And, if you were to go for traditional marketing involving advertisements and billboard promotional schemes, your cost would go up even more. Online marketing is cost-effective. In fact, you can also manage the cost as per traffic or sales. E-mail Marketing costs the least, yet it is one of the most effective forms of online marketing.


At Web Marketing Company, we have a detailed step-by-step procedure for e-mail marketing. From collating necessary addresses to creating emails, and sending them at the correct time, our email marketing endeavor is detailed and methodical.


Role of Emails in Marketing

Emails play a big role in sending across a message to clients and prospective customers. It is the best way to communicate with the receiver – personally and quickly. A good email would be able to…


  • Generate prospective sales leads
  • Usher a communication network
  • Develop interactions and sales directly


.And, emails are also a good way to initiate a business relationship with people, get oneself introduced to the people, and promote a marketing scheme.


Who Needs Email Marketing?

If you a vendor of automobile parts, email marketing can be tedious as your clients would be big giants in the industry and might not initiate a marketing endeavor through emails only. However, if you own a shop selling baby products, you can generate sales through email marketing – reason is that you can personally get in touch with the exclusive market segment.


So, emails are best for those of you who…

  • Sell consumer products
  • Own educational hubs
  • Members of NGOs
  • Selling services


Our Email Marketing Services

Web Marketing Company has a composite team based in Sydney in Australia who has the expertise and experience to deal with all marketing efforts. In our Email Marketing services, we do the groundwork, development, and implementation of the marketing promotion.


.Be sure to taste success within few days of the dispatch of the promotional emails.


But, this success is not got that easily as it seems…it requires time management, content skills, and communication effort to make the endeavor successful. Take a look at some of the steps that our team follows to give you an effective email promotional scheme…


  • Understand the business needs and need for communication
  • Strategize and plan the promotional email tour.
  • Develop an email – effective information, diction, language, and style
  • Create the skeletal architecture of the newsletter or the message
  • Create specific emails to target special people or groups
  • Create specific emails to target special people or groups
  • Connect the communiqué the address list, marketing tools, or CRM systems
  • Develop templates and manage them for the future efforts
  • Create archives and manage them for the campaign
  • Develop trigger messages for prompt information
  • Introduce tech system to update email addresses
  • Create reports on how the email campaign has been performing – analytically
  • Decide on the delivery schedule – decide when them emails would be send and to which recipient.
  • Check and review the response through…
    • Changes in conversion rate
    • Google Analytics analys


.And, be sure to lessen the drudgery of repeated tasks in the campaign. We use programs, tech-savvy tools to make the campaign as simple as possible.


Try Us Out?

You can very well close more than 50 percent of the deals through promotional emails. Generate useful traffic, get the marketing efforts tracked and measured, and also boost sales and brand visibility.


Try us out in your email marketing endeavor. Call us or write to us at any time to clarify your doubts or place an order for our services.



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"With Web Marketing Company Sydney we were able to cut our PPC marketing budget in half while doubling our lead volume. I would highly recommend Web Marketing Company Sydney to anyone who is seeking better online marketing results."


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