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My name is Joshua Sosha and I love fitness and being muscular. I love the feeling I get when I work out, the pump from lifting weights. It all started early on in my childhood. As I child growing up, I always looked up to my dad, he was a bodybuilder. I would always mess around with my dad doing bicep curls with those tiny weights. I would watch him lift weights at home, rep after rep. I became fascinated. Also, I would always buy those action man toys, I would love Dragon Ball Z. As you know, all the characters in Dragon Ball Z have muscular physiques. You see I was fascinated with being fit, functional and muscular early on in my childhood. Every time I would watch movies like BATMAN, ROCKY and CREED. I loved the scenes where they would get into shape, workout and get fit for the fight.

I never admired the bloated, bubble gut guys on steroids who looked freaky. When people see those people they don’t admire that body, they get scared. I hated that look and I didn’t want to put my hormones at risk and I certainly didn’t want my balls to shrink. Can you imagine if one day you can’t have kids because your balls are f*cked up? That’s the reason why I will never use steroids.

I believe that you can build a way better body by staying natural. When you build your body naturally while being functional and fit, you will be admired by everyone, girls will hang all over you, you will get compliments from you’re your friends and everyone will want to be like you. There’s just so many benefits to being fit, muscular and functional naturally.

  • I wanted a muscular yet functional look, a body that the girls can’t keep their hands off.
  • I started weightlifting in a proper gym when I was 18 years old. I made some gains but all the bullshit you read on the internet is so misleading. I hit a plateau and realised that I had to change my training routine. So, I started doing my own research and constructing my own workout programs.
  • After weeks of trial and error, I finally found what works for natural (drug free) people like me who want to build a muscular body while being fit and functional.
  • After 1 year I gained 20 kgs. of pure muscle. I went from being a twig to being quite jacked.
  • I found out the secret to building muscle naturally.
  • I want to share all my experience with people and help as many people as I can achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of.
  • People will approach me for advice on training and nutrition and I love helping people acheive their fitness goals. You know your doing something right when people ask you for advice. They want to be like you. People get so mislead by all the wrong information.
  • I wanted a muscular yet functional look, a body that the girls can’t keep their hands off.
  • I decided to take things seriously and write my first program. Its called “GET BIG NATURALLY”. I am so excited to see people transform their bodies.If you’re sick of wasting your time and seeing no results. If you want to get big and muscular then “GET BIG NATURALLY” is the program for you. Get your copy of “GET BIG NATURALLY”. You won’t regret it!
  • Also if you have custom fitness goals and you want me to train you, shoot me a email and i will get in touch with you.
  • Contact me – joshsosha@gmail.com
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